Let us encourage one and another with the power of prayer.

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  • Getting the help for a career repair

    My name is Allen and have a seizure disorder and don't work and can't get disability my grandmother has a
    health condition and the only car we have has a blowed motor she's 79 and does not have any funds for the car repair I'm asking around to help get a fund raiser so we can get the fixed. We are unable to get to and from doctors store for food and have no family around to help it's just the two of us .

  • support

    Dear Prayer Team
    Please pray for the strongest protection, thru the Blood of Jesus, cover me at night while I sleep. Pray for all witchcraft, and occult practices, and every form of physical attack to be bound and broken off my life - every work of death and destruction by all people within the community I live in.

    Please pray that every work of destruction planned against my life - whether thru family , or any other means by extended family within this nation, Australia or any where else world wide. be broken Please pray for every work of death/murder/suicide/assignation, against me by my family, be completely broken and the same for them, any attack of death etc against them to be totally broken.

    Yet this is what the Sovereign Lord says:” ‘It will not take place, it will not happen (Isaiah 7:7) There is no harm against me of any kind while I sleep or within each day.
    I am under strong witchcraft attacks tonight, and strong ritual attacks by the people in the houses surrounding us.

    Thank you and God bless
    Marie Grace

  • Please pray for my strength

    I try to be strong when going through life. A lot of times I'm just tired.

  • Pray for my lost friend

    Please pray for my lost friend. For the sake of anonymity i will call him Reagan. He’s always getting in trouble with the law. Please pray for him.

  • Please pray for my Dad

    My dad has been in and out the hospital. Please pray for God to heal his body

  • Pray for my coworker's daughter

    My coworkers daughter has been hospitalized for 5 days. Please pray for her recovery and healing of her body.

  • Police Killings

    Let's prayer for the killings that are plaguing our nation in regards to police killing innocent civilians. Let's touch and agree that this trend is being rebuked in the name of Jesus.

  • Bereaved Family

    Please pray for the strength of recent bereaved families at Faith Tabernacle.


Praise Report Wall

  • George Moore said...

    Through a program in which inmates trade in their jumpsuit for cap and gown, My brother has received his work certification from TCC.


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