Faith Tabernacle Community Church, now located at 1603 Floyd Road, conducted its first religious services in October 1994 at 4308 Mallory Road in Columbus, Georgia. The church was organized with a vision to provide pastoral care and counseling to the less fortunate “the least of these”.

The church is the vision of the members, and Pastor, Rev. (Dr.) Roy George Plummer, who retired as Post Chaplain at Fort Benning, Georgia. Plummer said, “The vision I have for the church and its membership is to create a place in Columbus for the left-outs, the disenfranchised, and the ones who are forgotten”. The mission of the church was, and still is, to provide care and meet the spiritual needs of the people. “I want them to be able to find a community of faith where they can worship and practice their faith and at the same time touch somebody else’s life in the community.”

Our mission is to provide pastoral care and counseling to the people of God in the Tri-City area. Our desire is to reach out across denominational, social,  economical, and ethical barriers to persons in our community, so as to provide teaching and preaching, that will lead them to the body of Christ.

Since the 3rd of October 1994, God has richly blessed us. We purchased the property on Mallory Road to include the 2 ½ acres behind it a total of 6 ½-7 acres of land. In 2000, we purchased our present location, 1603 Floyd Road, Columbus, Georgia. God is still blessing us with dedicated and loyal persons who have made the Pastor’s vision their vision.

Since the first 43 persons attended services, Sunday October 3, 1994, the church has grown to over 500 members and continues to grow spiritually, psychologically, and mentally under the leadership of Pastor Plummer, Bro Latimer Thrash, Dir. Of Stewards, Sis. Myra Barber, Dir. Of Diaconates to include the directors of other organizations within the church.

The Charter members who assisted in establishing the church are: R. George Plummer, Pastor, Charles Bauknight, Sr., Assistant Pastor, Latimer E. Thrash, Robert Loving, Lawrence Roane, Doris Stephens, Patricia Bettis Hunter, Johnny Ray Davis, Shonthenia Edwards, Jesse and Diane McClurkin.

The former Assistant Pastor, Rev. Bauknight said immediate steps were taken in creating Faith Tabernacle Community Church after Plummer’s retirement from the United States Army. He worked with Pastor Plummer during his final hours of military service. During the week of Plummer’s retirement, he had already named Charles P. Bauknight as Assistant Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Community Church.

Rev. Bauknight said, “It’s Plummer’s vision that gives me focus. It’s like a learning experience that I find myself with. It is a delegated authority to do what needs to be done in providing pastoral care and counseling in a new organization. Bauknight said, Dr. Plummer does not consider me as an assistant, but Co-Pastor”. Though Bauknight said, he’s quick to remind Plummer, “he’s the Pastor”. (laugh)

The following people joined Faith Tabernacle Community Church the first time the doors of the church were opened on Sunday, October 9, 1994; Norval J. Edwards II, Shonthenia Edwards, Brett Hicks, Jr., Ebonee Hicks, Valerie Hicks, Patricia B. Hunter, Ashli Julien, Carol Moore, Lawrence Roane, Lula Smith, O’Shea Smith, Ozzie Smith, Stephen Smith, Geraldine Zeigler, and Gordon Zeigler.

At the first Annual Conference meeting of Faith Tabernacle Community Church, the church officials were named. They are Bro. Latimer Thrash-Director of Stewards, Sis. Myra Barber-Director of Diaconates, the late Sis. Juveta Milford-Secretary, Sis. Shonthenia Edwards-Clerk, Sis. Gerri Gaillard-Director of Ushers, Sis. Carmalliticia (Lisa) Davis-Director of Youth Department, Sis. Mearian Plummer-Director of Music, Sis. Linda Smith-Director of Women’s Auxiliary, Sis. Brendia Bauknight-Director of Hospitality, the late Bro. Willie Lee-Director of Transportation, Sis. Evelyn Donaldson-Director of Finance, and Sis. Tommie Jackson-Director of Programs.

Our vision at Faith Tabernacle Community Church is to create a worship center in the Columbus area for the left-outs, forgotten, disenfranchised, poor, and the needy who have an aspiration to improve themselves spiritually, psychologically, and socially. We our a place where regardless of a person’s economic condition he/she will feel welcome and find a community of Faith and an environment where they can practice and exercise their faith in God.

The church budget and scheduled plans for the following year were the immediate issues that were discussed. Pastor Plummer challenged the members to become evangelizers and members of the Body of Christ with a mission to reach out beyond denomination, beyond doctrine, beyond ethnicity, and provide pastoral care and anointing to the disenfranchised, the left-outs, and the displaced persons in the Columbus and Ft. Benning communities.

On July 10, 2005, Pastor Plummer nominated Rev. David Stallion to become the Assistant Pastor for Faith Tabernacle Community Church. On September 21, 2008, Rev. David L. Stallion was ordained and installed as Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church, 201 South 4th Street, Opelika, AL 36801. On January 17, 2016, Rev. David Stallion was installed as Pastor of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church, 4400 Old Cusseta Road, Columbus, GA 31903.

On January 10, 2016, Rev. Charles P. Baunknight Sr., was reinstated as Assistant Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Community Church.

On October 15, 2017, Rev Eddie G. Butts Bray, was named as Faith Tabernacle Community Church First Associate Pastor

On October 12, 2018, Faith Tabernacle paid its mortgage in full.

Rev. R. George Plummer, Founder, Founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Community Church. Was formerly employed as Director Army Instruction ( JROTC ) for the Muscogee County School District, Columbus, GA.


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